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Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. In that tradition, the author has decided to withhold her last name on this book which chronicles her gradual spiritual transformation from the first day she walked into an AA meeting until nine months later. It includes dreams, personal accounts of spiritual experiences, and reflections on topics discussed in AA as well as in books that the author found helpful in her spiritual quest that began well before AA.
About the Author
Rose loves to learn. In fact, she has dedicated her life to learning, teaching, and analyzing data for many organizations. She earned a BA in psychology, an MA in counseling, an EdD in quantitative methods in educational psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD in integral energy medicine from Holos Graduate School.
Recent Blogs

Living in the Presence

In Alcoholics Anonymous we learn to live in what is referred to in the Big Book as the fourth dimension. This is a powerful shift in consciousness.  When I came into AA I was full of fear.  The past was over, the present included profound grief over the loss...


Gratitude for me is a matter of perception.  It usually requires that I shift the kaleidoscope of my perception a few degrees away from my normal gaze and onto one of more light, beauty, and love.  Often this shift is thrust upon me like when I am driving North up...


There are times when I lose my grip on life.  Some unexpected news shatters my normal equanimity:  a sudden need for surgery for a loved one, financial set back, someone close to me is dishonest…  I find myself caught up in fear.  I struggle to...

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