In Alcoholics Anonymous we learn to live in what is referred to in the Big Book as the fourth dimension. This is a powerful shift in consciousness.  When I came into AA I was full of fear.  The past was over, the present included profound grief over the loss of my wife of 20 years, and the future was bleak.  I was lost in fear and had sought solace in alcohol.  That lead me to deeper despair and suicidal attempts.  I was confused and did not understand what was happening to me.

          From the first moment I walked into AA I knew I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become unmanageable.  Being raised Lutheran it was easy for me to believe in a Power greater than myself including all of my new friends as well as a Creative Loving Energy I had turned away from years earlier.  I trusted the group and the process.

          With each meeting, each exchange with another AA member, every new day in sobriety, I learned to let go of the past, quit anticipating the future, and experience the NOW, the present moment.  And the more I did that, prayed and meditated, I became aware of the PRESENCE which is an experience of the Diving unfolding in every person and situation.  A new-found peace began to emerge and lasted longer and longer each day.

          Today I practice the PRESENCE, that is, I constantly try to have my focus be on the wholeness and beauty of each moment.  I remind myself, when I get anxious, that I have everything I need AT THIS MOMENT  .  Nothing more is required for me to feel peace and serenity‚Ķjust to let go and BE IN THE MOMENT.  This is much more than relief from alcohol, it is a profound new way of living that we all are learning and practicing in each moment.  How blessed we are!                                                 Rose B., 11/17/18

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