Serenity is a word often heard and used in AA meetings.  But what does it really mean?  Emmet Fox in his book Sermon on the Mount says that serenity is a word used by mystics to refer to the fundamental tranquility of soul.  The fundamental tranquility of soul.  This is a state of consciousness that we can enter into at any moment.  But what is it that keeps us from being aware of that tranquility?  Certainly resentment, anger, fear, remorse, focusing on the past or the future…anything other than being in the present moment.  How often are we railing against our present circumstances in life?  Trying to change our external reality so that we can fix our internal reality.  Yet we know that acceptance is the answer to our present problems.  That does not mean that we stay in an abusive relationship or fail to confront contractors as they make mistakes while doing repairs on our home.  It means we accept that this is happening and we shift our focus from outside ourselves to inside ourselves.  Bless them and change me we are taught.  And what a powerful prayer that is for it causes us to mindfully send thoughts to that other person to experience peace (or prosperity or abundance in all things in their lives) and that we focus instead on the attitudes that we can change within ourselves.  This is a powerful shift.  It puts the onus on us to be responsible for our thoughts in every moment

The path to serenity is well established.  It is through meditation.  Yogis liken our untrained minds to drunken monkeys.   Our thoughts are swinging from tree to tree without conscious awareness of what they are doing.  Meditation gives us the practice of stopping our minds.  Glenda Green in Love Without End…Jesus Speaks says the mind is a great servant but a terrible master.  Yet we can train that mind to stop.  Sitting in uninterrupted silence from ten to thirty minutes daily focusing on a sacred passage or simply on our breathing…in…out…thought (no that’s not what I’m doing now)…in…out allows us to master our minds and then we can put into our minds what we want them to act on.  We become the master and our mind becomes the servant.  We all know how a negative thought can carry us away in to depression, despair or worse.  Similarly positive thoughts can carry us to new heights.  As is says in the Upanishads They go beyond sorrow who behold the glory of the Self

Rose B.

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